About DXB Paddling

The 3rd edition of DXB Paddling will fall on Saturday 3rd of March 2018.

This event aims to promote all paddling activities and gather the whole UAE water sport community as one. Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport at the moment followed by a large interest in kayaking, rowing, surfski and dragon boat racing.The aim of this event is also to demonstrate to everybody from any age, that paddling is a very simple thing to do and that anyone can do it.

In 2018, DXB Paddling will offer an amazing race course to its participants with a 6km and 12km paddle around Seahorse Island.

DXB Paddling, in association with the Dubai International Boat Show, plans to become the biggest paddling race like the annual Nautic SUP crossing at the Paris Boat Show which gathers hundreds of paddler’s across Europe.

It will take place on the last day of the Dubai International Boat Show.

The start & finish line will be at the launching point.

As soon as the race is over, the award ceremony will start at Dubai International Boat show.

FREE entrance to the Dubai International Boat show.
(Limited to the first 150 participants registered online).